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Things To Remember


  • Don’t be angry at yourself when anxiety/depression flares up. It isn’t your fault and no one blames you and if they do they’re pieces of shit.
  • Don’t orbit around your perceived value so much. You’re not the sum total of what you produce.
  • Don’t let yourself wonder why people love you. That’s not how it works. There are not stark, individual reasons that a person can enumerate about why they love you. It’s the entire, unique combination of what and who you are.


Just your average thursday. jk

Talking to Joseph about our plans after his time is up in the Navy has brought me some peace. Especially since we’d both like to live in the woods in a log cabin..
It’s making me want to visit Hawley and see my old house again.


Bit of green.

"What’s your favorite thing about her?"
“She still gets giddy when she sees a firefly.”
— in humans of new york (via loveiseccentricandsoami)